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Jinhao Size 6 (6mm) Custom Grind Ground Italic Nib

Jinhao Size 6 (6mm) Custom Grind Ground Italic Nib

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Jinhao Stock Size 6 Hand Ground Italic nibs to fit many pen models with a size 6 feed and section, such as Jinhao X450, X750, 159, 650, or 1200 & many brands/models.

Cheaper alternative to the famous Bock nibs, Jowo Nibs, or TWSBI nibs. Every nib will write smoothly and effectively and though they have been ground by hand, have been quality checked for smoothness.

These will NOT fit a pen with Size 5 feed such as the Jinhao X250, #992, #993, #995, #599, #156-A, #500, #950, #301, #601, or #51A.

Do also be aware that while the title states Italic, the 0.38, 0.5 and 0.7mm variants will have little to no Italic writing effect due to the thickness of the nib being the same/thicker than the width.

No gift box or pouch provided. Full list of compatible pens available in 'Guides'.

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