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Loft Bespoke Custom Made Ballpoint Pen

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We are able to mix dyes, however resulting colours can be unpredictable so please ask for a test beforehand.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee the exact same patterns from another pen, as all blanks are hand poured.

All pens are made from a tough, hardwearing resin sourced locally.

Flush pens are not postable.

Matte finish pens are recommended for single colours only.

We recommend matching section colour, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Pouches made from PU leather for durability and sustainability.

Unless specified, ink colour is Black, pouch colour is random between Black, Dark Brown, or Light Brown, and nib width (fountain) is a 0.5mm nib.

Shipping to the UK is FREE.

Shipping to outside the UK is £11.00, Tracked postage.

-Have your very own pen commisioned by Loft Pens. Commissioning a pen you have the options of type, colours, nib width, and even shape. Each pen  comes customisable with options of a leather pouch and ink, and if it's a fountain pen will contain our unique Loft nib unit with an engraved LP nib. Have a browse of the colours of pen available, and if you'd like any additional help please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page 'Get in Contact'. -